15 March 2009

Summer Plans

Bonjour! As most of you know, I have been trying very hard to get myself an internship for this Summer. What you might not know is the economy is kind of rough right now-I don't know if ya heard. Fortunately a great company has decided to take a chance on me. Schneider National is a transportation/Logistics firm based out in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and they have recruited me as an operations intern for this Summer. For those unfamiliar with Schneider, you might recognize them by their bright orange trucks driving down the highway. The internship is at their corporate headquarters in Wisconsin, so I'll be headed out east at the beginning of June. Unfortunately, Chelsea has work and school commitments so she will not be able to come out for the entire 10 weeks I am there, but we've planned multiple trips for her to come out. It'll be rough but worth the great experience. We are hoping that Wells Fargo will hire me back when I return in August, but no guarantee. So even with all these plans, there is still some uncertainty, but we are pumped!

Because the internship starts in June, Chelsea and I have decided to take a trip in May! We are going to FRANCE! I served my LDS mission there from 2004 to 2006 and am anxious to go back and visit some of my friends. Chelsea is beyond stoked because it has always been a dream to visit Paris. Airfares are sooooooo cheap right now, especially to France. Delta has a direct connect from Salt Lake to Paris, but our flight has an eight hour layover in NYC. This will give us enough time to go into the city, see one thing, then come back! We are going to meet up with my sister Lindsay when we get there. In France I have already set up a few accomodations for us to stay with people I know. We will spend two weeks there running around! It'll be a blast!!

Those are our upcoming plans. Now I just have to finish this semester out! School seems a whole lot longer now that we have such great things to look forward to!


Nickell said...

I am really jealous. I want to go to France SO bad! But I am not jealous of the long distance marriage thing that will be happening, that's going to be tough. I'm sorry but happy for you at the same time. Weird eh?

MisterDetroit said...

Riley, please allow me to be the first Schneider driver to welcome you aboard "The orange on time machine". Schneider National (SNI) is a wonderful company to work for and I truely believe you will enjoy your stay in Green Bay during the summer. SNI is one of the world's largest transportation/logistics companysand will offer you a lot as an inturn.
From this drivers perspective, there is no better organization in the industry to be a part of.
If ever you should need a drivers opinion on things please feel free to contact me at rmham120@gmail.com
Best Reguards
Ray Hammond

Lindsay said...

I'm so happy for you, Riley -- an internship AND France. Of course, the highlight of your summer will be that 8 hour layover spent with ME -- right?


Garrett, Christa and Little Grayson said...

Congratulations on your internship. That is exciting! And France...I want to take a trip so bad. That sounds like a blast! You will have to post a lot of pictures of your trip!

mimihalley said...

So exciting. :) Congratulations on the internship and the trip! Jeff and I are way excited for you guys!

Oh yeah, and NYC! What a great place to have an 8-hour layover!

alexandre said...

Vous êtes les bienvenus pour un nouveau voyage chez nous.
La prochaine fois vous dormirez à la maison si vous repassez à Compiègne.
Merci pour les fringues de BYU.
Nous vous aimons .
Les Alex.