21 June 2009

A VERY welcoming visit

So my faithful followers, as many of you know, I am in Green Bay, WI right now interning at Schneider National. It's great! I have come to really appreciate the transportation business. I work in operations at the corporate building center located in Ashwaubenon (just south of Green Bay) . It's a lot of work-14000 drivers to operate! With the economy receding like it is, budgets are tightening up. Most of my projects deal with how many pennies can I pinch out of unnecessary purchases and developing better practices processes to save the company money. Trucking is dependent on the business's for whom it hauls freight, and with many of these companies experiencing financial woes of their own, Schneider needs to be (and in my opinion is) on top of their game. Great company!

Enough about me! Unfortunately I have been alone out here-sans Chelsea. But this week she came to pay me a visit! We had a fantastic weekend. She flew in on Thursday and left Sunday. It was a short visit, but we had a blast!

On Thursday we got settled in our hotel-The Kress Inn. It's located right across the street from my dorm (yes I am staying in a dorm room! St. Norbert College). Thursday was her birthday, so we went out to a nice restaurant. Friday I had to work, but dropped Chelsea off at the local shopping mall. I got off work early so we could have more time to hangout. We went to go see the movie UP in 3D. It was a good movie, though wasn't as exciting as the last movie I saw-STAR TREK!

Saturday was our big adventure day. We drove all the way to the top of Door County, which is the peninsula that separates the Green Bay and lake Michigan. We stopped of to see the sights. It was very pretty and sooooooo hot and humid! We found a nice little town-Sister Bay-and went swimming. It was cold, but felt so good. Now I can say I took a dip in the Green Bay! We drove up the Green Bay side and then back down the lake Michigan side. We also stopped to have a picnic and found a minature golf course to play on! It was a close game, but I won!

Door County, WI

Our picnic in Sister Bay

Miniature Golf-hole in one! (maybe 3)

Riley doing a triple axel into Green Bay

We went to Church on Sunday and then I took Chelsea to the airport to send her off. It was sad to see her go, but it just makes me appreciate her even more! I'll just have to keep myself busy so that the time will fly and I can get back to good ol' P-town and be with family and friends. The ward here is great and I have been able to go out with the missionaries to help teach. We also all play ball at the chapel on Saturday mornings-so I am keeping myself occupied. Until next time!


Lindsay said...

Green Bay seems to live up to the green in its name. I wish we could come visit you, too! But I'm glad Chelsea was able to come.

Oh, and great video! Did Chelsea get in the water?

The Ortons said...

Dude it looks so fun! Glad you are alive and well. we can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks back in Provo. Love ya guys- sara