13 June 2010

Cleveland Rocks!

I been living the the Ohio life for 5 weeks now. Up until last week I was a swinging bachelor, but a couple days ago Chelsea flew into town for a week-long visit! When she returns she will be on the second of two terms student teaching in Provo. In early August she'll be done and will fly out here PERMANTLEY! That will be a great day! Until that day I'll get in a lot of fishing and maybe get through 6 seasons of Lost...

Things here in Ohio are going great. I have been at my new job for a month now and am starting to understand the label business. Avery Dennison is a great place to work and the people there are very welcoming and very willing to help.

I mainly wanted to post some pictures of our new place. I also posted some pictures from a Cleveland Indians baseball game we got to go to (thank you Avery!).

Like my sock?

We are the four top windows

Good daily exercise

Front room

Front room again

Master bedroom (the closet sold Chelsea!)

We were right next to the action!

With our new friends the Miller's (just started at Avery about the same time as me)

It was 1920's throwback day so they were wearing old school uniforms

Progressive Field

GO TRIBE! (They hammered the Washington Nationals)


Lindsay said...

That closet would have sold me, too!

Tiff's Tickles said...

That closet could be an extra room! I see why she's sold. It looks like Ohio has been good to you. We love and miss ya!

Cindy said...

Hey I'm trying to get through Lost too!!haha.

The Meyers said...

Looks awesome! Glad Chelsea got to come out for a visit. Congrats on all the exciting new changes.

Dave said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the update. Love the t-shirt. :)

Erin said...

Don't give up on Lost. It is worth it.

Your apartment is awesome! I'm glad Chelsea will get to live there soon. You guys are tough, that would be sucky.

I can't believe you live in Ohio.

Those uniforms are awesome.