08 September 2010

Labor Day Weekend Road Trip

This past weekend, Riley and I decided to pack our bags and go on a little road trip. First we drove up to Canada to visit Niagara Falls. Wow! That place is amazing. Here are a few pictures from this part of our trip.

I know it looks like we're wearing trash bags, which would have been cheaper, but we like our Canadian ponchos.

Niagara Falls was really incredible. However, we didn't stay very long because watching all of the rushing water plays tricks on a pregnant body. (tinkle, tinkle) After spending the night in a ghetto hotel, which Riley is a pro at finding in case anyone is interested, we headed to Palmyra, NY to visit all of the church history sites. I had never been before, so I was really excited to visit such a sacred place. Our first stop was the Hill Cumorah. There's a really amazing monument at the top with a beautiful view.

The wind was blowing so hard that day. I thought I was gonna fly right off the hill.

Riley's certain he found the spot where the plates were buried.

Aren't we cute?

After the Hill Cumorah, Riley and I went and did a session at the Palmyra temple. It's really beautiful. There's a window in the temple that looks out over the Sacred Grove. Pres. Hinckley wanted to be able to stand in one sacred place and be able to look out over another.

After the temple we went to the Smith farm. It was really incredible to be in the home where the angel Moroni appeared the young boy. We also walked through the Sacred Grove. It was an incredible experience because Riley and I were the only one's in the whole grove and it was so calm and peaceful in there. Outside the wind was blowing like crazy, but in the grove we didn't feel a thing.

This is us just outside the Sacred Grove.

Who needs Avery Dennison when you can model this well?

The next day we paid a visit to the E.B. Grandin print shop where the first 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon were printed.

Our trip was so fun and uplifting. I'm so grateful that I now live so close to so many amazing places.


Dave said...

With fun posts like these, I think you deserve a bookmark in my browser. You two look great!

Cindy said...

That trip looks so fun! I totally wanna go. And you should definitely take over the blog for good cuz I can't handle anymore high school movies :)

Lindsay said...

You look like you had a great time! I can't wait to make the same trip. You guys should totally live it up while you're in the midwest -- from where you are you are so close to so many things! I thought we did a lot while we were in Muncie, but we didn't even leave a drop in the bucket.

The Meyers said...

Funny, our cousins did this EXACT same trip (they just moved to Ohio) over Labor Day weekend.

Erin said...

My two favorite things about this: Chelsea looking amazing on the edge of the hill with hair blowing everywhere, and Riley being awesome at finding sketchy hotels. What a fun trip, I would love to be back East!