04 November 2010


29 Weeks

So, my sister has been on my case saying that I am the world's worse blogger, so this one's for you Hillary. As you can see, baby and I are growing nicely. I feel like I'm finally to the point where it's obviously a baby bump and people don't think that I'm just getting chubby.

This baby girl is very active. A few of her favorite things to do include playing on mommy's ribs like they're a jungle gym, kicking mommy like crazy until daddy puts his hands on her belly(no kicking for daddy), and somersaults. I swear she's having a party in there.

This little baby does not like to kick for Riley. I think he has only felt her 2 or 3 times. For a while there, Riley was beginning to think that I was making the whole pregnancy thing up and just gaining weight for the fun of it. Then, last night she decided to give daddy a show. Right before falling asleep Riley and I were laying in bed, I had my belly bared and was just looking at it and thinking about the occupant. That is when she started kicking and rolling around like crazy. My belly was twitching right and left. Riley saw this and thought it was pretty awesome ands a little weird. I think he believes me now that there really is a baby in there.

Aside from the heartburn, frequent bathroom trips, and uncomfortable kicks and jabs, I have loved being pregnant. It's so amazing to me that my body knows what to do to make this perfect little person. We are so excited to hold and snuggle this sweet little person and welcome her into our lives-in a few months.


Dave said...

You look great!

Lindsay said...

You look great! We are all so excited to see you guys in a few weeks!

Kristen said...

Very sweet post! We are so excited for you both!