15 November 2010

Gearing-Up for Baby

Over the past few weeks, my sweet husband has really gone to town getting things ready for the baby. We recently purchased a crib and changing table/dresser online and a stroller/carseat combo from Babies-R-Us, all of which have required assembling.

Riley hard at work figuring out the stroller.

The crib and changing table/dresser all came together in one huge box. Thank goodness for our awesome neighbor who helped Riley haul it up the stairs.

Sunday morning, Riley woke up really early. I just kept sleeping, assuming that maybe he had an early meeting that he had failed to mention. After several minutes of banging and scrapping, I thought I better go and see what he was really up to. This is what I found.

After busting out the power-tools, Riley was able to finish the crib and dresser in about 3 hours. Go, Riley, Go!

We are really happy with our purchases and can't wait to put them to full use!


Nickell said...

How fun! I love getting the nursery ready! It makes everything feel more real!

Dave said...

Way to go Riley. You make a father proud! You have now officially earned the title of "the family handyman."

mimihalley said...

Yay for ultrasound pictures and little girls!

Jeff and I were wondering when we might get to see you Nays. I don't remember how far along you are and whether this proposition is at all feasible, but we thought it would be fun to meet you some Saturday in Columbus and do a temple session together and get a bite to eat.

tiffany said...

Go team Riley! What a good man! I can't wait to meet your new little one. Love you 3.