14 February 2011

Chloe Goes to Church

Last Sunday, Riley and I decided that it was time to take that leap of faith, and take Chloe to church. I had two major feelings running through my mind: nervous, because she's so little and church can be a breading ground for germs, and excited, because I was dying to show her off and also have a good excuse to put her in this cute red dress. I thought she looked like the cutest little valentine and Riley said she looked like a monk. Either way, she was adorable.

I found it really hard to enjoy sacrament meeting. Any time someone coughed or sneezed, I took a metal note to make sure that they didn't come near my baby. Psycho? Maybe just a little bit.
Chloe did pretty well at church. She only screamed for a few minutes during the opening hymn before Riley took her out. We had several ward members come up to us afterwards and say that they knew the Nays were back at church when they heard that tiny baby screaming. I know I shouldn't be, but I was a little embarrassed. Sunday school was awesome, Chloe slept right through the hour block and on through most of Relief Society. She made it all the way until 15 minutes before church was out before she started screaming because she was hungry. I was really hoping and praying that she would hold out, but no- she was hungry and wanted to eat NOW! To make matters worse, the relief society room and the mother's lounge are on opposite sides of the church. So, I had to haul my screaming baby down the hall, letting the whole ward know that my baby was hungry. I was very grateful when church was finally over and we could head home. All in all, she did a great job, and was a good sport at getting so much attention from all of our friends in the ward.

Her cheeks are getting so chubby!

This was the best part of my Sunday.

This is what Chloe's doing right now while I blog. What a sweet little angel face!


C Tam said...

Hmmm...I just tried to comment and it seemed to not work. Please ignore if this comes through twice somehow.

First, apologies that we must have been one of the coughing ones you were trying to avoid a few days ago at church. Lo Lo was sooo sick and miserable, but niether Jerry nor I could talk ourselves into missing the sacrament, so we just had Jerry take Lo home after that first hour. Sacrament meeting was so rough though--the worst Lo's ever done--so maybe it was a sign we should have kept him home entirely. Oh well. Moving on.

Remind me to show you the secret nursing spot right next to the Relief Society room. There is a strange shower stall off to the side of that RS area bathroom, and someone has placed a chair in it--plus there are a couple changing stalls with benches. I like nursing in there since it is more private. The actual Mother's Lounge always seems to have someone barging in to change a nasty smelling diaper or something.

Whew! Long comment. Guess I might as well add one more sentence then: I agree Chloe's cheeks are getting so adorable!

Lindsay said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but going to church with children does get easier. Or maybe it just gets to feel more natural. Anyway, she sure looked cute for her debut! Every time we pull up your blog, Garrett and Caleb ooh and ahh over Baby Chloe. Caleb points to her pictures, smiles, and says "Baby!" and Garrett says, "Aw...Baby Chloe so precious!" :)

Tiffany said...

She's so adorable. I'm sure anyone who has ever had a baby is just turning and smiling or thinking how sweet it is you have a new little one. No worries for church. I love the picture of you crashed with the little one in your arms. Sweet.