20 June 2011

A Weekend to Celebrate!

This past weekend was full of celebrations. I celebrated the big 25 and Riley celebrated his first real Father's Day. Presents and treats all around!
Saturday morning I woke up to yummy cinnamon rolls and presents, along with a happy smiley baby. After beating Riley at Scrabble, we decided to go for a little swim and then shopping for birthday clothes, my favorite! Later in the evening we had a bunch of friends come over and eat cake and ice cream with us. It was a little crazy and loud, but lots of fun. Hurray for being 25! All day long, Riley was my little slave. If I didn't want to do something, I just pulled the "but it's my birthday" card and my wish was his command. It was awesome! Too bad I was the slave the next day with the "but it's Father's Day" card.

Sunday was Riley's first real Father's Day. I was pregnant last year, so that doesn't totally count. We had a pretty chill day. We had church, presents, and a long afternoon nap- thanks Chloe.

I feel so blessed to have this amazing man in my life. He's the greatest husband for me and the cutest little daddy for Chloe. I appreciate that he's willing to work so hard everyday to provide for our little family, and allow me to stay home with our little monkey girl. We love you Riley!

And of course, a blog post wouldn't be complete without lots of pictures of Chloe.

She sure loves her little feet!

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Tiff said...

Happy Birthday,Chels. I'm glad you had a great day and were spoiled!:D Happy Father's Day, Riley. You are a great dad. And Chloe, you are as a cute as ever!!! We sure love and miss you three.