21 July 2011


As most of you know, we moved our little family to Georgia a few weeks ago. Avery Dennison transferred Riley to a plant down here. Riley keeps saying that his new position is the most stressful job ever born. Poor Riley! He's a trooper. Chloe and I sure love him.
So moving wasn't too bad because the company paid to have movers come and pack and load all of our stuff and then unload it at our new apartment. All I had to worry about has cleaning the old apartment, which isn't the easiest thing to do with a clingy baby, but we managed. The time between moving out of our apartment in Ohio and into our apartment in Georgia was 2 weeks. We were about ready to go crazy in the hotel rooms.

We chose to fly to Georgia and have the movers take our car. Chloe was a good baby and slept most of the airport wait and flight.

We had to get pretty creative for entertainment in the hotel room. Chloe discovered the wonders of her own toes. They haven't left her mouth ever since.

My mom and step-dad, Kent, drove across the country and spent a week with us in Georgia. They were a great help with getting things unpacked and keeping the baby entertained. I
think it's safe to say that we are getting pretty well settled in. Our apartment is on the third floor, which really stinks and it's insanely hot and humid, but I think we'll survive.
While mom and Kent were here, we went into Atlanta and visited the Georgia Aquarium. It was incredible looking at all the different fish and animal life under the sea. We got to pet sting rays and go through a tunnel with fish swimming over our heads. It was Awesome!

Chloe was in AWW the entire time. It was really fun to see the excitement on her face.

Chloe loved having her Nana and grandpa around. She was such a happy smiley baby the whole time they were here. Thanks Mom and Kent for making the long trip out here to see us. We love you!
A few quick Chloe updates:
-Chloe is again sleeping through the nights 8:30-7
-Chloe loves sucking on her toes.
-Chloe loves her baby food. She goes nuts whenever she sees those little plastic containers.
-Chloe loves putting her hands in Mommy and Daddy's mouths. It's fine until she decides to claw your gums.
-Chloe can sit up on her own for a few minutes at a time (See Video); at least until she gets excited and throws herself back. She looks like such a big girl.

Well folks, that's all for now!


Kelly said...

Make sure you go to the Chattanooga aquarium sometime. It is a nice little trip to do on a Saturday. Totally awesome.

Tiff & Co. said...

So glad you made it to Georgia safely and all is well. Mark would love to plan a trip some day to go see you and go to the Georgia aquarium. I can't believe how big Chloe is getting. She's such a cutie. I'm sorry the job is stressful. Will it get better with time? We love and miss you.

C Tam said...

Glad to hear how you are doing--hang in there, Riley; at least it's just a rotation instead of your permanent position. :)

The aquarium looks awesome!