04 September 2014

August...A Month of Firsts

August 2014 

 August was a month of firsts. My first baby headed off to preschool and she couldn't be happier.
At the beginning of August, Chloe started going to preschool at a local church for 3 days a week for 3 hours each day. Riley and I were really nervous about her being so shy and "shutting down" in unfamiliar settings, but after the first week, her teachers reported that she's still really quiet and doesn't talk much, but she's slowly letting her true colors shine. She has even made, "My Most Favoritest Friend at Preschool, Lily." This little friend, Lily, is all that Chloe talks about. Whenever I ask Chloe about preschool, I usually get an answer like, "I played kitchen with Lily" or "Lily sits at the other table" or "I sat by Lily on the carpet and she has a little sister too." I just love that she's blossoming and making new friends. It makes it easier to drop her off each day, knowing that she's happy and excited to be there. And, after only 3 weeks, she can write her own name. Look out world, here comes Chloe!
Please stop growing so fast.

Lucy had a BIG first too. She started baby food. I swear, this girl was born to eat. She LOVES food. So far, she has gobbled down everything that I've offered her, with the exception of green beans. She is after all, Riley's daughter too.
I don't know if it has any correlation, but ever since starting her on solids, Lucy has been sleeping so much better; both at night and for naps. It's pretty great. We also moved her into her own room; out of the cradle and into the crib. This was really hard for me, because it means that my baby's already growing up on me.


My mom also got to come for a 2 week visit in August. We had so much fun visiting, chilling, and playing with Nani. My girls and I are lucky to have this amazing woman in our lives.

Words can't express how much I love this munchkin!

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