18 July 2007

Let's get it started!

I am jumping on the bandwagon of "blogging." I figure this is a great way to not just keep others informed about "The Life of Riley," but to keep myself informed as well. Maybe it will help my lucid dreaming! We shall see. I am sitting in my calculus class, though it hasn't started yet. I have found myself with a little down time, which doesn't happen very often, so I thought I would write. I took my super wife Chelsea (in the picture to my right) to her class on my scooter, and was able to park right next to the building! I love my moped, best investment ever! She is taking a class from my old first grade teacher, Ms. Haws, who now teaches early childhood ed. at the JFSB at BYU. She just can't get rid of me!
A funny thing happened to Chelsea today. She goes to work, then leaves to go to school, then back to work, the back to school! Kind of crazy, but that is not the crazy thing that happened. So on her way back to her car from her first trip to school she found a note on her car. She opened it, thinking "oh great, a parking ticket!" But to her amazement it said, "Hey, are you a parking ticket, because you lookin' FINE FINE FINE!! -Chris 208-***-****" She was very much speechless, and very surprised! She was so excited to show me! She knew I would fall on the ground laughing, which is only the half true! When she showed it to me, I immediately asked if she had responded by text. She hadn't, which was expected. It was all up to me. I wrote back a text to the number that "Chris" (if that was even his real name) had left saying, "Hey, did you leave a note on my car?" I have yet to receive a response, but Chelsea and I have been thinking of some sweet things we could write back. For example, when he responds, I could just leave the scripture reference to when Christ says that "he who lust after another man's woman, has already commit adultery in his heart." Would that be enough to get the picture across? I hope so! We think this is way funny, and we'll keep you posted if he ever writes back.
My class is going to start soon, so I will be back later! This blog stuff should be fun!


Tyler said...

Keep us updated on what happens!

Lindsay said...

Yay! You blog!

Shelly said...

Oh man, Chelsea has a secret love! That is so great!