12 August 2007


It has come to my attention that I have horrible English. My mom has been telling me for years, but it didn't fully dawn on me until I was reading through my posts. This is a formal apology to all who have suffered through my horribly structured blogs (all two of them). Its a good thing I caught it early.
I also have been pressured by many to write another blog. I guess I just have way to many things to do! (or I don't have the internet at my house) (or both, take you pick) Anyways, this is for all you Riley Nay fans out there!
Finals week is coming up and I am a little nervous. I feel like I know the calculus pretty well, but there is still that anxiety that always comes (I don't care how smart you are) when you walk through those BYU testing center doors. The worst is when you walk down the stairs and see your score......as the French would say "me no like!" I am nervous but at the same time confident that I will pull off a good grade in this class.
Chelsea is working hard as well. Her finals consist of sissy papers to write! Okay, not sissy, but I would take papers over the center! She is doing great in her classes and expects good grades. We are excited about our little vacation of 2 weeks before fall semester starts. We are going to go camping!! Not up American Fork canyon though!
This post is short, but a post non the less. I will put a picture up, though it has nothing to do with anything. It's a picture of Chelsea on my old scooter that I sold. I just bought a new one (100 cc's faster!) and it rocks the house. We save on gas too, cruisin' around. I like this picture because it portrays the real important things in my life: My wife and my scooter! BONNE SOIREE!!


Dan said...

Yay! You updated this blog! I thought you were done :)

Lindsay said...

So where's the picture?

Also, Riley, you are hilarious.

Dave said...

Ah, the life of Riley.