25 August 2007


Bonjour everybody! It is time for another blog! (rebonjour means bonjour again!)
So this week has been great! We just finished up finals with a bang! Chelsea and I both got 4.0's! Surprised? I sure am! Riley, A in calculus? Miracles do exist! We are less surprised about Chelsea's because she is naturally smart. We also finished registering for classes, payed tuition (which is an interesting story for later), went to the doctor, and have been enjoying the summer life of no school! This all ends of course the day after Labor day!
Chelsea and I went to our family doctor this past week so she could get a check up. She has been having trouble hearing, so our doctor referred us to a specialist. This specialist name is Kipp, which kind of tells it all! Mom says that he is a big jerk because of some experience, probably a bad one, she had. Nonetheless she did say he was the best!
We went in and after filling out all the paperwork, they put her hearing to the test. She had to go into this crazy little sound proof room. The guy did many speech and hearing tests. When finished he said that Chelsea had the hearing of a 60 year old woman!! He said that hearing aids were necessary, and the sooner the better. He mentioned that he couldn't understand how she could have gone this far in school and gotten the grades which she had with this bad of hearing. She sure is intelligent!
He sat us down to talk about options (pretty much the only option is to buy hearing aids). He actually let me hear how Chelsea hears by his crazy computer program. Wow, it was pretty hard to understand! So our next move: buy hearing aids.....................easier said than done, but we'll find a way! We are not bummed at all because its no one's fault, except genetics. Got to deal with it. One good thing: I found out Chelsea's super intelligent! I already knew that! I have a smart wife!! Lucky me!!
With tuition, we scored big time! We got grants to cover a little over half, depending on how many credits we take. I ended up only paying about $840.00. Chelsea's dad works at BYU so she gets half tuition anyways. She doesn't have to pay a dime, or so we thought. Well she was only taking 9 credits, and we found out that she would actually have to end up paying $115.00 (with how the pell grant worked out). Then we figured out that if she took only 3 more credits, she would get more pell grant money. Also, she would get some of that pell grant back (because the half she gets from her dad's employment goes in first, and the excess pell grant gets cashed out). About $120.00 worth! So she signed up for another class, that she would have taken anyways. Education rocks!


Dan said...

yay, you posted!

Hey Chelsea, sorry to hear about your ears (no pun intented). Riley said it's only been recently that you've been having trouble hearing?

Did they find a cause for that?

Dave said...

Go a head and tell the whole story about Target on your blog. There are webcrawlers that love to get that for the stores so they can improve their marketing, and besides that, your yet unmarried friends should be warned of their bad policies before they register. Your friends that buy presents their should be warned too. I still find it hard to believe what they did. Go ahead, tell the whole story.

Lindsay said...

Wow! I'm sorry about Chelsea's hearing! Is it going to get worse, or has it stabilized? You guys are brave!

Shelly said...

Hearing aids eh? Who would have thought? I'm sure she'll look good with them. How could she not?

Paul said...

Riley, notre frère Jack Wu finit sa mission. Il arrive ce jeudi le 7 fevrier. Email me at bropaulb@gmail.com and I'll give you the details of his homecoming.
A bientôt,
Paul Bouchard

Dave said...

February 28, 2008
I've missed your postings, but know you are busy with school and life. by the way "great game" last night. Thanks for letting me come to your b-ball games, it's fun to be there.
- dave

Gabe said...

Riley and Chelsea, I am sorry about Chelsea's hearing. I'm sure that everything will be alright. Chelsea is very smart, I have my hearing and I still cannot get a 4.0 at BYU :) Anyway, I just wanted to send you my salutations.

I stumbled into your blog from Lindsay's blog. I like it ;)Now you need to get Tyler to start one, you know how he feels about them.

-Gabriel Guerrero

Kathleen said...

Chelsea if it makes you feel better I totally had this type of experience. Remember in elem. school when they make you do those raise your hand if you hear the noise tests? Well sometimes I couldn't hear the noise, but I could see the lady push the button so I'd raise my hand. Cheap, I know. Well eventually I realized I should stop lying. This resulted in me being put in one of those sound proof boothes and such. To make a long story short my left ear is practically worthless. If Peter had actually said all the things I imagine him saying when my left ear is toward him, we would probably be divorced. As is it just gives for good laughs. I haven't had my hearing checked again because I'm too scared to have hearing aids, but rah rah for you...entering the new world of hearing (correctly) what people say!