04 April 2010

Goodbye Elder Nay

It's crazy to think how old one is getting. Chelsea and I are graduating...College, moving to a different state, gonna have a real job, have to be grown up...These realizations only magnify when your little brother isn't so little any more! Scott, er Elder Nay went into the MTC this last week. He gave a great farewell talk two weeks ago, and was pretty confident he could give up guitar, xbox, cellphone, etc. for two years! He will be serving in the Illinois, Peoria Mission. THE MID-WEST!!

Scott and I had our not so great moments growing up, mostly because of MY teasing personality and MY jerkish nature (just ask my little sisters). But these last couple of months I have really got to see this guy grow spiritually. He gave some great family home evening lessons from Preach my Gospel, and he read his scriptures daily. We know he'll be a great missionary and he will be missed! Maybe one weekend Chelsea and I will drive the short distance across the mid-west and "accidentally" show up in his ward in Illinois! haha, jk....maybe.

Here are some pictures of our last moments (literally) at the infamous missionary farewell centre-IHOP.

The book is blue, the Church is true, and Jesus was a Mormon!


Spencer and Sara said...

mmmm I Love IHOP on Wednesday mornings full of missionaries.

Kelly said...

Oh, how cute! I can't believe he is on a mission either. wow, time does fly.

Lindsay said...

Great pictures -- thanks for posting them. Wish we could have been there!

Erin said...

Hey! You blogged! I can't believe Scott is going on a mission. That just blew my mind.

I also can't believe we are old enough to be grown ups who move to Ohio and have real jobs! When do you guys leave? Let's have a party before then.

Josh and Jackie said...

Wow you are really tall huh? did you grow even more since I last saw you?