30 December 2010


I know that November has long since passed, but it was too great of a month not to blog about it. So, here it is. Better late than never, right? In the middle of November I got to fly home to Utah to spend a week with my family and friends. Riley promised me that I'd be able to go home before the baby arrives and going for the holidays was out of the question because of my big belly and the insane ticket prices. So, I flew out the week before Thanksgiving.

My Utah visit was filled with game nights with the siblings, late night chats with my momma, lots of yummy food, shopping (because Ohio doesn't believe in maternity clothes), lots of hugs and kisses from my adorable nephews, a big birthday party for my momma, and a baby shower put on by my mom and sisters that was held at my in-law's house.

This is one of the baby shower games that my sister came up with. The guests had to guess which body part belonged to which relative. Can I send my baby back if she comes out looking like either of these pictures? They're a little freaky!

Match Makers- my friend Camille is due in March with a little boy.
We're already planning the wedding!

I got a bunch of adorable outfits, blankets, toys, and baby necessities.
Thanks to all of my awesome family and friends who made my visit home so much fun.
I love you guys!

Right after I got home from my Utah trip, Riley's sister, Lindsay and her family came from Brooklyn to spend Thanksgiving with us. We had so much fun taking them around to see all of the Kirtland Historical sites, playing Wii, relaxing, and eating lots of food.

Riley and I had never made our own Thanksgiving meal before, so it was kind of an adventure. I had fun watching Riley and Blake set to work on the turkey, it turned out pretty incredible actually.
We loved having family here to visit and were sad to see them go. We love visitors!
There you have it, our November.


Dave said...

I would love to be one of your visitors. Maybe after the Spring thaw.

Lindsay said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks again for hosting us! And we can't wait to see you sometime in Brooklyn. :)