06 January 2011


Our 2010 Christmas holiday was very different than any Christmas that either of us have ever had. We spent Christmas here in Ohio with just the 2 of us. The days leading up to Christmas were very enjoyable. Riley used his mad PhotoShop skills and put together a fun Christmas card (it's posted below), he's pretty proud of it. I kept busy making pumpkin chocolate chip bread and chocolate dipped Oreo suckers that turned out really cute, for our neighbors and Riley's co-workers. Riley and I also got to go and see 100's of amazing nativities from all over the world that were set up at the Kirtland Historical Sites. It was a really nice reminder of what Christmas is really about.

On Christmas Eve we had the pleasure of eating dinner with some of the families in our ward and enjoying their great company. On Christmas morning Riley woke me up at 6:30 and said that he couldn't sleep anymore and wanted to open presents. As for me, I could have slept until noon, but Riley wouldn't have that.

This is our cute little tree. The first time in our married life that we actually had a real tree. I loved it.

Santa brought Riley the new generation IPOD Touch for Christmas. I guess Santa thinks he's been a good boy. Riley has loved playing with it. He even found a skype app. that we're excited to use in the hospital after the baby comes.

All I wanted for Christmas was stuff for the baby. So, Riley being the awesome Santa that he is got me a giftcard to Babies-R-Us, so that I could pick out what I still wanted for the baby. Oh, and slippers, which I've been hinting at wanting for a long time. What a good husband I have. The only not fun part was having to wait until Monday to go shopping and use the giftcard.

We had a very non-traditional Christmas dinner. I pretty much made everything that I've been craving: funeral potatoes, chicken, stuffing, rolls, and salad. It was a delicious feast for 2, well 2 1/2.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas was getting to talk to family. Riley's brother Scott, who is on his mission in Iowa got to call home, so the family set up a group video skype for the occasion. It was really awesome to see and hear everybody, even if it was only for a few minutes before all of the technical difficulties set in. It was a little hard being so far away from all of our family members and loved ones, but we enjoyed our lazy Christmas. It's weird to think how different our next Christmas will be with a little person in tow. We love you all and hope your holidays were great too!

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