18 January 2011

Date Night

On Friday night, Riley and I went out for our last date night before having to get a babysitter. I told Riley that we had to take pictures to document this festive occasion. He thought I was crazy, but then willingly obliged.

We went out to eat at a little italian eatery. From the outside, I thought it looked like a fun little family restaurant. Once we got inside, we realized that it was pretty ghetto, but we were hungry so we stayed. It ended up being pretty good food, although I had heartburn the whole rest of the night (thank you baby). We had planned on going to a movie that night as well, but once 9 o'clock hits, I'm exhausted. So, Saturday morning we went and saw the new Disney movie, Tangled. It was really cute. I highly recommend it.

Well, we've done it. Now we just gotta get this baby out. Friday is the day, unless this little one decides to kick things in gear and come out on her own.
Oh yes, and here's a 39 week belly shot.


Lindsay said...

Ah. The last date before the baby. I remember we went to see "Ratatouille" the night before Garrett was born. Had I known he'd be coming the next day (he was just over 2 weeks early), I think I would have savored that last babysitter-free night out a little more. :)

Call us when she's here! We're all rooting for you here in Brooklyn. :)

mimihalley said...

Cute baby shot! I hope you have a great week waiting for baby. :) And yay for going on dates!!

Erin said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see the bebe!