10 January 2011

Baby, Baby, and More Baby

I have the best friends and ward members out here in Ohio! On Saturday, three of my good friends threw me a baby shower and invited all of the sisters in our ward. The shower was so much fun and well put together. The girls knew that Riley served his mission in France and that our nursery has a french alphabet in it, so they made a "Welcome Baby Nay" sign in french. We also had yummy brunch foods, including crepes. Delicious!

This is the cute sign and food table.

I don't know if it's just me, but I love baby shower games. We played a matching game with pregnancy/baby related words, and whenever you got a match there was a candy bar that corresponded to the word. It was pretty creative. We played the game where you have to guess the type of baby food in the jar. Man, some of that baby food is nasty! Do I really want my baby eating that? We also played a guessing game for how many candies in the baby bottles. I stink at those games, but it was still tons of fun.

These are the beautiful girls that put the baby shower together; Lindsay, Courtney, and Kristen.
I absolutely love these girls! I remember way back in August when we were all playing outside at the pool and these girls asked if they could throw me a shower. I remember thinking that January would never come, but here it is. Time flies when you're having fun!

This is the coolest cake I've ever seen. It's all made out of diapers. Courtney made this for me, with her mad creative skills. She did such a good job at incorporating the colors and bird/flower theme that we have in the nursery. I think it's too cute to actually use, but I'm sure I'll need to before too long.

This is my 38 week big Buddah belly. Riley calls it the "All Knowing ORB." It's pretty huge and uncomfortable, so whenever this little one decides to come out is A-OK with me.

The Baby's Suite:
This is the comforter that came with the baby's bedding set, but we decided to use it as a wall decoration instead.

Our little one's crib.

We had these plastic drawers taking up space in our bathroom, so I decided to clean them out and fill them with baby stuff.

A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law gave me these french alphabet letters for my birthday. She said that they'd make really cute nursery decorations one day. Boy was she right!

I wish that I had a closet this full of new clothes. Riley swears that she has an outfit for everyday of her first year of life. He might be right.
Well, that's it. Now all we can do is wait.


Lindsay said...

Wow -- it's hard to believe that she'll be here "any day now." So exciting!

mimihalley said...

What a cute nursery!