25 March 2011


My little Monkey-Monkey is two months old! Wow, where does time go? It's amazing just how much she grows and changes from day to day. Here are her two month stats:
Weight: 11 pounds 2 ounces
Length: 22 1/2 inches

Each day Chloe's smiles seem to get bigger and bigger, and her giggles and coo's more frequent. She loves to be talked to and tickled or rubbed. Her favorite place to hang out is on the changing table. I'm not sure if it's because that's where she gets a clean bum or what, but she's always happiest there.
Little Chloe continues to be a great eater. The combination of acid reflux drops and Dr. Brown bottles have my baby eating like a champ. She is still eating about 4 ounces every 3-3 1/2 hours throughout the day. The past week or so, Chloe has been sleeping really well at night; averaging anywhere from 6 to 10 hours at a time. Sure, she'll start to whimper about every 2 hours, but if I rub her belly and give her the binky, she's good for another few hours, which is awesome! If only she was as good at taking naps as she is at sleeping through the night. She continues to be very unpredictable with her napping. Instead of sleeping long stretches a few times a day, she'll take little cat naps here and there. We're working on it, and knock on wood, today she's napping like a pro!
Chloe continues to love being the center of Mommy and Daddy's attention. She also loves her binky, and Jimmer the Jittery Bird (yes, we named Chloe's toy after the BYU player, don't judge us). Her favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus with accompanying hand actions and pretty much anything Riley sings and inputs her name into.
As of right now, Chloe is not a very big fan of shopping or going for walks. It's like she knows the minute we enter a store, she always starts screaming- even if she did just eat. It's pretty embarrassing, people always stare. We have only had a couple of nice sunny days over the past little while, so I decided to take advantage and go for a walk. I was really excited to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Chloe on the other hand was not. It's not much fun going on a walk having to push a stroller and carry a screaming baby in your arms. Hopefully Chloe's attitude toward shopping and walks changes quickly, because these are two of my favorite things, and with the weather clearing up, I hope to be doing a lot more of them.
Riley and I continue to enjoy are sweet little bundle of joy and can't wait to share her with so many of our family and friends in April!


Tiffany said...

She's growing right along. We can't wait to meet her. She's so cute! She'll learn to like going out, and she'll love to go shopping. She's a girl.:)

Kristen said...

She is a doll! Just keeping going on walks and shopping and I bet she will learn to love it! Claire did. :)

Sara said...

She is so pretty. like cute like a baby, but like PRETTY like an adult. like so pretty. she obviously takes after her mom then. sorry riley. hah. love you guys.

joshua said...
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Josh and Jackie said...

She is so adorable, and she has so much dark hair! How fun...Where did she get all that dark hair, with two light haired parents?lol...I bet it'll turn blonde by the time she's a year...She is super super cute.

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