21 March 2011

Daddy's Girl

Chloe is such a daddy's girl. She is absolutely fascinated by him. When Riley's around, she tends to smile bigger and coo louder. It's the sweetest thing. These two are the best of buddies. I love watching them play and interact together. Riley is the best daddy for this little girl. I'm so grateful that he is always so willing to help out with feeding her,changing her diaper, holding her, and everything else that comes with having a new baby.

A little daddy-daughter time.

I think I'm the luckiest momma alive to have these two in my life!


tiffany said...

I love the bottom picture the best. Oh that little girl is so lucky to have such sweet, wonderful parents. It's not often that a child can say they have a mom and dad who are married and love eachother. That's a blessing. You two ladies are blessed to have Riley. We love you three! (I like your blanket;)

Dave said...

"You are a happy fam-me-me!"

Alyson said...

So sweet--can't wait to see you in April! Love, Alyson

Lindsay said...

I'm not surprised she's such a daddy's girl. I, for one, have never seen a guy so visibly excited to have a little girl as Riley is.