04 March 2011

Mirror-Mirror On The Wall

Chloe has made a new friend.....herself in the mirror. Ever since bringing her home from the hospital, Chloe has hated taking a bath; until recently. Riley and I found that if we turn her baby bath so that she can look at her "friend" in the mirror, she's happy. A little vain? Probably, but it works and she loves it. Who wouldn't want to look at that cute "friend" in the mirror?
Look mom, my friend's taking a bath too!

Drying off after a bath is NOT her favorite thing.

Clean, dressed, and looking adorable!


tiffany said...

She's screaming because you took her away from her friend. Chloe is so stinking adorable. I want to kiss her chubby little cheeks. Love you guys!

Rachel said...

What a cutie!!