09 May 2011

Babies All Around

It's raining babies and ...babies! It seems like us, as well as several of our friends decided to jump on the baby making bandwagon and expand our families of two to families of three. While in Utah, we meet up with some of our friends and their beautiful little babies.

Proud Mommies: Chelsea and Chloe, Camille and Mattix, Cherie and Caroline

Adoring Daddies: Riley and Chloe, Ben and Mattix, Eli and Caroline

These sweet little babies are all just a month or two apart. Caroline and Mattix make Chloe look like a beast! I sure do love my little chunk!

If, hypothetically speaking, we were to raise our babies in the same town, they would all be in the same grade and could be best buds just like their daddies. Probably not gonna happen, but it would be fun!

Garrett and Bella- Riley and Chloe

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