16 May 2011

May Happenings

I can't believe it's already the middle of May. I have so much catching up to do so bare with me. On the 8th of May I celebrated my first Mother's Day thanks to this little cutie!

Riley and I went out to dinner the night before at a really yummy Italian restaurant, leaving Chloe with her very first non-family member babysitter. The report was that she did really well, and Riley and I were able to enjoy a little Chloe free time. Of course I missed her the whole time, but that's normal right? On Sunday morning, Riley made me an awesome breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice. It was delicious! At church, all of the husbands took over their wives callings for the day so that all of the women could go to Relief Society and have an awesome little brunch. Riley got to go into Primary and play secretary, that's what I do. It was really nice to mingle with the sisters in the ward. The rest of the day we spent being very lazy. Chloe gave me her Mother's Day present in the form of a long afternoon nap. It was a great day! Go Mothers!

On the 11th of May, Riley and I had our 4th wedding anniversary. Yay for us! To celebrate, I got up and made cinnamon rolls while Riley was on his morning run, but he surprised me and brought home Dunkin Donuts. My favorite! It was probably one of the best breakfasts ever. When Riley got home from work, we had a nice fondue dinner, that Chloe slept right through (thank you baby). We also surprised each other with presents. I got Riley a blue ray player that we've been talking about wanting for a long time and Riley got us some really great camping chairs to use out on our deck...if it ever warms up. I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend for all of eternity. He's such a great husband and daddy.

A few days ago our family went to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. Riley got free tickets from work, so we had to take advantage and get out of the house. The game was a lot of fun, and Chloe was good the whole time. The Indians won the game with a home run. I don't know baseball very well, so if you want the details you'll have to ask Riley, but I did have fun watching. After the game there was a huge firework show. It was really fun to watch, but Chloe wasn't the biggest fan. I think the noise was getting to her. Needles to say, it was a fun family outing.


Here are a few little updates about our baby girl:

  • Chloe has learned to lock her legs, so now she loves to stand up.

  • She also has started babbling like crazy. It's a lot of fun to babble at her and have her babble back.

  • Blowing raspberries is also one of her newest tricks. She constantly has spit all over her face or drool running down her chin. It's pretty attractive.

  • Chloe is getting really good at grabbing; too bad it's usually her binky leash that she's grabbing.

  • Chloe loves her hands. She's always sucking on them or staring at them. She is fascinated by those things.

  • Chloe's always trying to help hold her bottle. She usually wraps her little hands around the bottle and ends up pulling it out and getting mad, but she sure has good intentions.

  • One of Chloe's greatest joys is bath time. She is a water fanatic. We usually end up needing to mop the bathroom when she's done. I can't wait to take her to the pool and let her splash around. I think she'll really like it. Here's a video of bath time. Enjoy!


Tiff said...

That video is so stinking cute! She's such a happy baby. I'm so glad you had a great Mother's day and anniversary. Baseball games are fun, even if you have no clue about the sport. PS-that lady in the last picture has some 'fine' legs.:)

The Millers said...

Wow, Chloe is sooo big! She's super cute. Man I wish I was still in the ward for mothers day, that sounds like it was so much fun. Remember when we went to the Indians game almost a year ago. Good times. Miss you guys

Lindsay said...

My fingers are crossed that you get to wrap up your May happenings with some Memorial Day weekend fun in Brooklyn! :)

Rachel said...

She is so cute!! I miss you guys. Don't you wish we were still working at Albertsons together!!