10 September 2011

Utah Get-Away

In the middle of August, Riley said goodbye to his girls for two weeks, as Chloe and I headed off to Utah. Frontier Airlines was having AMAZING deals, so we had to take advantage. The best part was that we got to fly directly in to Provo. I made sure that we had no real agenda while on our trip, because I wanted us to be able to relax and go at our own pace; and that's exactly what we did. Some of our highlights included:
Taking a bath in Grandma Nancy's kitchen sink. Our trip was wonderful, in that we got to spend a lot of time with Riley's family as well as mine.

My mom, sister Tiffany, and I went and saw the movie The Help, and left the little ones with Grandpa Kent. This is where we found Chloe when we got home. She fell asleep in the kangaroo jumper thing with the lights and music still going. That can't be comfortable!

Helping Aunt Chelsea play the piano. Chloe loves music and gets so excited when she hears it; especially primary songs.

We met up with our good friends Ben and Camille one night so that the future bride and groom could get to know each other a little better. Aren't they adorable? At one point baby Mattix was sucking on Chloe's toes. It was hilarious!

We spent a lot of time with my mom, sisters, and all the little boy cousins.

After finding out the the pool was closed on weekdays and the splash pad was contaminated with bacteria, we decided to have a water party in my mom's front yard. We all had a great time.

It took her a little while, but Chloe finally warmed up to both of my beautiful sisters. Maybe someday she'll get a girl cousin out of one of them! :)

We were lucky enough to fly into Provo the night before Katie and Dave (the newlyweds) moved to Boise. We had a great time catching up, and Chloe loved showing off for them.

Also while in Utah, Chloe's first tooth broke through. She was super ornery the days leading up to this breakthrough, but once it came in, she was happy as can be. Thank goodness!

We loved every minute of our visit, but after two weeks we were very happy to see Riley again. Thanks everyone for letting us visit! We love and miss you!

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Blake and Kim said...

Chloe is so darling! I love her little swimsuit. Too cute. Glad you guys are doing well!