26 September 2011


September has been a pretty eventful month in the lives of us Nays. We decided to start out the month with a BYU football road trip. We drove the 5 hours from Georgia down to Mississippi for the BYU vs Ole' Miss game. We had a blast! The only downside was that Chloe had an awful cold. She had a nasty booger nose and a hard time breathing at night, so she was really out of it the whole trip. It's sad what teething will do to a baby.

Our future Cougarette with her Daddy!

So, we've come to the conclusion that Chloe is never gonna crawl because she hates tummy time. If she's on her tummy, and can't reach a toy, then she'll put her head down and start to cry. The only time that she seems to be somewhat ok with tummy time is right after her bath, when all she has on is a diaper. That kid sure has a mind of her own!

Chloe LOVES finger foods! She's got the pincer grasp down really well. She would probably eat those Gerber fruit puffs all day if I'd let her.

This little monkey is already 8 months old, and a hefty 18.5 pounds. We love her little marshmallow body. Chloe also has her two bottom teeth. It took several sleepless nights to get those suckers to pop through.

Saturdays are our family days. We like to try to do something fun and exciting when Riley doesn't have to work. A few weeks ago we bought a year long zoo pass. The Atlanta zoo is really nice and something fun that Riley and I enjoy. Chloe's still oblivious to the awesome animals. This zoo has the cutest little baby gorilla. We probably watched it for a good 20 minutes. It was about the same size as Chloe and really adorable.
What a sweet little lion!

Georgia is slowly starting to grow on us. Our ward is really amazing, and the bishop didn't waste any time putting us to work. Riley was recently called as the Young Men's President and I was called to be an Activity Days leader. Wednesday nights have already been a little bit of a struggle with the baby, but Riley and I are both enjoying getting to know the youth. Also, Chloe and I go to a music/playgroup every Tuesday with several cute moms and their little ones. Chloe and I have both enjoyed making new friends. Maybe Georgia might not be so bad after all.

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Lindsay said...

I was the Activity Days leader when we lived in Indiana -- it was one of my favorite callings. You will do great! Girls (and boys, if your ward includes boys for Activity Days) that age are hilarious. :)

That Chloe is a keeper! So darling! Also, did you cut your hair? It's looks really cute. :)