13 October 2011

Birthday Man

My old man celebrated his 26th birthday on the 4th. Hooray for Riley!

We had a quiet little party at home with cake and presents. Chloe loved helping Riley open his presents. I think she's ready for Christmas and her birthday.

For our anniversary last year, we got a blu-ray player. Now, for birthday's and holidays we've been collecting the Disney classics. Lion King came out just in time for Riley's birthday.

Sad story; a few days before Riley's birthday, some idiot broke into our apartment mailbox kiosk and stole all of the outgoing mail and the packages. That just so happened to be the day that Riley would have recieved a birthday package from his parents. Why are people so stupid?
In better news, Riley's big present, an I Phone 4S should be coming in the mail soon, UPS. My man loves his electronics! Happy Birthday Riley! We love you!


Lindsay said...

That's awful about the package! I'm so sorry! But have fun with that iphone. I had a hunch that was what Riley would want after they made the announcement. :)

Lindsay said...

PS: Garrett was so excited to see pictures of "Uncle Ri-ey and Beebee Cwoee." He misses you guys!

Dave said...

Let me know about the 4GS experience. I think I NEED one too!

Sounds like a very happy birthday to me.

nancynay said...

It's like a miracle, but we were able to replace each item in your pilfered High School Musical Fan Kit, AND found you an HSM3 Party Planner, too! Happy Belated Birthday to our great big boy Riley!

Mark & Tiff said...

;I'm so sorry about the package. big dumb jerk who did that. I'm glad you had a happy birthday. Our Caleb loved looking at the pictures of Chloe. "Baby, baby." Love you guys.