27 December 2011

Christmas.....Georgia Style

Christmas this year was unlike any other. Mainly thanks to this sweet little cutie! Here she is in her new Christmas dress.

This year, we stayed here in Georgia and celebrated Christmas as our own little family. Even though Chloe had no idea what was going on, I think she could feel the excitement bursting out of me and Riley. We decided to open presents on Christmas Eve morning, mainly because we couldn't wait any longer, but also because we had 9AM church and 2 dinner arrangements on Christmas day.
After opening presents, Chloe was on stimulation overload! She was definitely ready for her blankey and bed. Riley and I went a little overboard on buying her presents, as well as the generosity of our family members. Point blank, Chloe is SPOILED!

Chloe was more excited about the contents of her stocking (yogurt bites and puffs) than she was with most of her presents. Every time we'd put a new present in front of her, she'd look at it, and then grab for her stocking. Silly girl!
We got a real tree this year, about 4 feet tall, and set it up on an end table. We thought that for sure Chloe would love the tree. Well, she didn't. She was actually kind of scared of it. When she first saw it at the lot, we let her touch it and ever since than, she did not like it. But the lights, that's another story. She loved looking at them.
Santa (AKA Riley) was very good to me this year. I guess he thinks I've been pretty nice, because he got me an IPad!!!!! We've been talking about getting one for a while, but decided that it was too expensive, so instead, we'd start an IPad fund and save up a little each week. Little did I know, Riley had already bought one and had it secretly hidden away in the closet. What a sneaky hubby! I was ecstatic when I opened it! Now, I gotta figure out how to use it.

Our ward had a really fun Christmas party, with a special guest appearance from Santa. I thought that Chloe would freak out being set on some strange dude's lap. But no, instead she just gave him here classic Chloe blank stare and tried to steal his jingle bells.
Our little family was invited over to Christmas dinner by 2 different friends. First he had dinner with our friends the Frei family at her aunts home in Atlanta. We ate a lot of yummy food and enjoyed every one's company. Chloe especially loved the company of Bella, the dog. She'd clap and giggle when it came close, and sat there and took it while the dog licked her face.
Next, we went to Riley's co-worker's home for our second dinner.They are such a fun couple, and just adore Chloe. They too have dogs that Chloe loved to play with. We are so grateful for both of these families, making us feel so loved and welcome on Christmas.

We hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed your time with family and friends as much as we did. I'm so grateful for the true meaning of Christmas, for my Savior who gave us the greatest gift of all. Happy Holidays Ya'll!


Kelly said...

What a cute family. Merry Christmas.

Lindsay said...

Hehe..."ya'll." Georgia must be growing on you. :)