16 December 2011

Our Little Doodle-Bug

It's been awhile since I've posted updates on our little monkey. So here I go, with pictures of course. Chloe loves to eat! Her favorites right now are yogurt bites, yogurt, toast, and anything I happen to be eating. She gets so excited whenever she sees her high-chair. She's also awesome with her pincer grasp; maybe a little too awesome. She's gotten really good at picking up one little bit of food after the other without any regards to chewing and swallowing. Riley often refers to her as our "human garbage disposal."

Chloe loves her blankey. She has to have this blankey to sleep. Whenever we wrap her up in it, she'll rub her face against it and then look up with a huge smile. I never would have picked this blanket as her comfort object, but she did and she loves it! Yes, she's sleeping with her butt in the air.

So, our little monkey is still not crawling; well not forwards anyway. She's really good at getting up on her hands and knees and rocking, but then she ends up pushing herself backwards with her hands. She's pretty much mastered crawling backwards and pivoting, but as for going forward, no such luck. Only being able to crawl backwards has been really frustrating for Chloe and for us. She's always getting stuck in the corners or under her crib and isn't able to get out. She'll just cry and cry until we come and move her; and then it usually starts all over again. I keep hoping that she'll get stuck against the wall one day and then magically push off and start crawling forward. Hasn't happened yet, but my fingers are still crossed. Learning to crawl has been further halted with Chloe's new learned ability to go from her stomach to sitting. I'll put her on her stomach and within a minute she'll be sitting up, content to play with whatever is in reach. She sure has a mind of her own. I know that I shouldn't compare, but I'm guilty of looking at the younger, crawling babies in our ward and wondering what's wrong with mine. Then, I have to remind myself that all babies develop at their own rate, and she will when she's ready. In the mean time, I'm kind of grateful that she's not getting in to everything yet.

Chloe is such a little goof. Her personality seems to have exploded the past month. She is always jabbering a string of random consonants and then giggling to herself. She thinks that grabbing mommy's nose and pulling off daddy's glasses is the best thing ever. I sure love this funny little monkey!


Lindsay said...

Wow, she's growing up! I can relate to the "not crawling" frustration. Garrett didn't crawl until two weeks before his first birthday, and it was frustrating for him (for the same reasons it is for Chloe) and it was hard for me not to compare him to other kids his age. We've since learned that Garrett has low muscle tone in his arms and especially in his legs, which probably contributed to this delay. But I also think that the fact that he was the first child (and had no one older than him to keep up with) also had something to do with it. Either way, he eventually learned to crawl and walk, and Chloe will, too. Just hang in there. And use the "extra" time you've got to start toddler-proofing everything that will be at her eye level once she's both crawling and then walking. :)

Tiffany said...

I second Lindsay. Malachi took forever, if you will remember, and it wasn't until he was 18+ months that he started walking. He was in nursery and still crawling. She'll get there and then you'll wonder why you ever wanted that day to come.
Thank you for updating your blog. I just love to read about your little cutie and all the happenings with the Georgia Nay's.
Micah got his gingerbread man and couldn't be more happy. Thanks again for doing that for him, Chelsea.
We love and miss you 3.

Kristen said...

Chloe is such a little doll! Absolutely adorable! Wish we could see her grow up and play with with Claire. We miss you guys!

Cherie and Eli said...

She is really really really cute! Caroline's favorite things are eating and pulling off Eli's glasses too!

mimihalley said...

I know exactly what you mean! Our Danny took forever to crawl, and now he is going slow with walking. He got so close to walking, but now he cries whenever we try to help him walk and he usually just sits down and crawls. But all the kids his age at church are already walking. Sigh. I know it doesn't matter, but haha it would be nice if he could walk.

Chloe is beautiful!!