23 July 2012


Yesterday was a very big day for our little girl. Not only did Chloe start nursery at church, but she finally started walking independently. Yes, she looks like a drunken sailor, but she's doing it. As Riley said,"It only took her 18 months!"

Chloe was a total champ in nursery. Riley had to take her because I have primary responsibilities. But he reported that she walked right in like she owned the place, so he decided that instead of staying with her, he'd leave while she was happy. I think that between Riley and I, we probably peeked in on her about 20 times in 2 hours. Each time I looked, she was either smiling and happy, or looking a little lost and confused, but NO crying!!!!! I'm sure I was more nervous than she was.
I'm so proud of the sweet, beautiful little girl that Chloe is becoming. Hooray for a BIG Day!

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