10 July 2012

Washington DC-Brooklyn Trip

For the 4th of July week, we decided to take a family road trip up to visit Riley's sister Lindsay and her family in Brooklyn, NY. Along the way, we stopped for a day in Washington DC to do some sight seeing.

Chloe did really well in the car on the way to DC. We left early in the morning so she slept some, ate snacks, read stories, and watched her Baby Signing Time videos over and over again.
Chloe and Daddy in front of the White House.
Washington DC was ridiculously hot and we walked everywhere. It didn't take long before Chloe got sick of her stroller and wasn't shy about letting us know it. The only way we could keep her from screaming was giving her snacks or holding her on our shoulders.
Chloe and Daddy at the WWII Memorial

Chloe and Mommy at the WWII Memorial
By the time we made it to the Lincoln Memorial, Chloe was done. There was NO calming her down. She screamed her little head off, while everyone around starred at us like horrible parents. It was pretty embarrassing!

Chelsea and Riley at the White House.
I'm sad to report that the White House wasn't as big and awesome as I always thought it would be. From movies it always looks massive, but it's not. (FYI)
We were all happy to make it back to the hotel where we cooled off and took a 4 hour break before heading out again.

Chloe and Daddy at the Air and Space Museum.
This place was amazing. They had all kinds of originals and replicas from different space missions. What impressed me was how knowledgeable Riley was about everything. He was like a kid in a candy store! Riley was my own private tour guide.

After visiting the Declaration of Independence (which is incredibly faded) and the Constitution, Chloe refused to get back in her stroller; big surprise. We had to get a little creative. After all, it was a long walk back to the hotel.
The next day we drove over to the Washington DC temple. Of course Chloe fell asleep just as we were pulling up so we thought it was best not to wake her.

The temple and grounds were beautiful.
After paying $33 in tolls, we finally made it to Brooklyn. I wasted no time snuggling our newest little nephew Matthew. Surprisingly, Chloe didn't get jealous of him. Instead, she was fascinated by him. She would poke him and say, "Bebe."

Riley and cousin Garrett on the subway.
We took the Staten Island Ferry so that we could have a look at the Statue of Liberty. It was pretty amazing.

Chloe and Mommy on the Ferry
Next we visited the 9/11 Memorial. This is the Freedom Tower.

Our little family at the 9/11 Memorial.
Chloe loved being around her cousins. One morning they all enjoyed jumping on the air mattress.
For the 4th of July we went into New Jersey to spend the day with some of Lindsay's good friends. This family has a 3 year old little girl and triplets that are almost 2. It couldn't have been a better place for Chloe and her cousins to play. After a yummy BBQ lunch, a pool and splash pad-slide were set up and the kiddos were set free.

Chloe really enjoyed the kiddy pool.
Once it got dark, we headed to Coney Island to watch the fireworks. Coney Island was really crowded and filthy with half naked people everywhere, but the fireworks were pretty great. Chloe was more fascinated with the flashing lights from the amusement park than she was with the fireworks. It couldn't have been a more fun day.
After a long day of partying and fireworks, this little one was exhausted!
On our way home from Brooklyn, we made a little detour to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit Carlo's Bakery. This is where they film the show Cake Boss on TLC. Riley and I both love the show so we had to stop.
The downside is that while waiting in line, we managed to get a parking ticket and lose $20 from our pocket.
Once inside, Chloe was getting a little out of control so while I was trying to calm her down, Riley got a glimpse of Marlo, Madilyn, and little Buddy.

The goodies at Carlo's sure do live up to their hype. They were delicious!
Because our trip to Hoboken ended up being a lot more expensive than planned, we decided that we'd drive straight home instead of stopping overnight to sleep. I'm not sure how we did it, but we managed to make it from Brooklyn, NY back to our home in Georgia all in one day.
Our trip was both amazing and exhausting. Thank you Anderson's for letting us visit. We sure love all of you.


Lindsay said...

It's weird to see pictures of my house on someone else's blog. :)

Seriously, though, we are so glad you came -- and even more so that you had fun! Sorry about the parking ticket on your way out -- that's a bummer. I'd blame it on crazy NYC parking regulations, but Hoboken's across the state line. :)

tiffany andhersons said...

Love all of the pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful trip and a fun 4th of July. Making memories is what it's all about. Thanks for sharing pictures. Love you guys!