03 December 2012

October and November

Wow, how time flies. Here are a few pictures of what we (mostly Chloe) have been doing the past couple of months. We've been blessed with good friends that have Georgia Aquarium passes and have gotten us in for free. We've been twice in the past 2 months, and each time Chloe is more interested in her snack than the fish. Silly girl!

Our family went to the BYU vs. Georgia Tech football game the end of October. This was Chloe's 2nd BYU football game and she did really well up until half time. This picture is when we first got there.

This picture is right before we left.

The night before our Halloween, we dressed Chloe up in her costume to make sure everything looked ok. She couldn't have been happier. She was dancing around in her tutu like the queen bee that she is.

On Halloween morning, the weather took a turn for the worse and I had to add a few extra layers to her costume. She was not thrilled. She quickly warmed up once she realized she just had to hold out her bucket and people would give her candy.

Olive Fingers! Yep, she's our girl! She's crazy about olives.

Our little Chloe bug is obsessed with dressing up. Anything that can be turned into a necklace or bracelet is. She also found the warm footy socks I wore in the hospital when she was born and loves wearing them on her hands and feet.

Just because we live in Georgia where it never snows, doesn't mean we can't be prepared.

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Lindsay said...

We're excited to see her (and you guys) in a few weeks!