04 December 2012

Sick and Tired

Our day today could be described in two words: sick and tired. Poor little Chloe has had a fever and a bad case of the grumps. I'm thinking it's her 2 yr molars making their grand entry. Either way, she's been extra cuddly. She fell asleep in my arms and then some time in the middle of her nap managed to turn herself around. She's such a wild sleeper. Am I the only one who thinks there's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby? Love her!

I saw this felt Christmas tree idea on pinterest and had to give it a try. Yesterday during Chloe's nap I pulled out the hot glue gun and went to town. This whole project cost me all of $1. A friend had some extra green felt leftover after making a tree for her daughters, and has happy to donate to our cause and the dollar store had a 15 pack of felt just waiting for us. Boda Bing Boda Boom. Chloe has her own tree to decorate and redecorate all she wants. Due to us moving the week before Christmas, this just might be the extend of our Christmas decorations.

Chloe has been doing and saying some really sweet things lately that I don't want to forget. In the mornings, when I put her in her chair for breakfast, she'll fold her arms and say, "dear heavy fada....a good girl." I love that she's catching on to the concept of prayer. It's so sweet. She also gets really proud of herself after she does a "job" like putting her cup in the sink or clothes in the hamper. After her "job" she'll run up to me or Riley and say, "thank you Chloe!" In nursery and at story time at the library Chloe has been learning lots of new songs. Throughout the day I'll hear her singing to herself "ashes ashes....fall down" or "snowman a ta ta ta." I love her silly sweet little personality and feel so blessed that I get to spend each day with this little goose.

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