12 December 2012

Festival in Lights

Last night we bundled up and headed out to see the Festival in Lights at Callaway Gardens. One of Riley's co-workers invited us to go along with her and her son. Before getting in line for the trolley we walked around the little Christmas town and ran into a giant penguin. Chloe loved him. She was in aw over all the trees and fancy decorations. In other words, she was a sweet little angel!

Then we headed back outside and she took a turn for the worse. It was freezing outside and way past her bed time, which isn't a very good combo. She was happy as long as she was on daddy's shoulders, but the minute we tried to hold her regularly she would flop around like a dead fish. Putting her down to walk was even worse because she'd drop and roll around on the cold ground. Crazy girl!

Holding hands with Mason wasn't so bad.

Once we were actually on the trolley and looking at the lights, we thought she'd calm right down but we were wrong again. She loved the lights, but trying to get her to sit in one place without freaking out was another story. Thank goodness for our amazing friend Mitzi, who held Chloe on her lap and had her calm and happy in 5 seconds. The lights really were amazing, if only it hadn't been so cold. I think if we go next year, we'll skip the trolley and take our own car where we can crank up the heat and Chloe is restrained in her carseat.

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