18 June 2014

Lucy Jane Nay

Lucy Jane Nay

 Born April 16, 2014 at 10:19 AM
8 lbs. 13 oz. and 22 inches long

After 9 long months,or as Chloe would put it, "She was in your belly forever!" Lucy is finally here an we couldn't be happier. Here is her birth story:
Lucy's original due date was April 14. I went in for my last office visit, and they told me that I was dilated to a 2, so they stripped my membranes for the 2nd time and send me home with a scheduled induction date for the 17th. Early the next morning I woke up wet, so I assumed that my water had broken. I wasn't in any pain so I cleaned up and went back to sleep. A few hours later I woke up wet again. At this point I woke Riley up an said that we should probably go to the hospital. I still wasn't in any pain. At the hospital they checked my cervix and did an ultrasound of the baby and fluid around her, and we came to the conclusion that I just wet the bed. Not once, but twice. Oh the joys of pregnancy! I had never been so embarrassed. I told Riley that I was never going back to that hospital. I felt like such a dork!
Later that evening, I started having irregular contractions, but nothing serious enough to make me go back to the hospital. Around 2 o'clock in the morning I started having horrible contractions that were coming about 4-5 minutes apart. Due to the fact that I couldn't breath or walk, I swallowed my pride, woke Riley up and headed off to the hospital. The whole way there, I was praying that there would be a different OB on call, one that didn't know I had peed the bed twice.
After getting checked in and hooked up, around 3 AM, I was checked and dilated to a 4. And yes, it was the same OB as the night before. Luckily, at that point I couldn't have cared less, I just wanted Lucy out of me. I was given my epidural around 6 or 7AM, which brought some relief, but I could still feel every contraction and a whole lot of pressure. The OB broke my water, and had the nerve to say, "This is what it feels like to REALLY have your water break." If I wasn't strapped down I might have slapped her. She was off duty after that and a new OB was on. Around 10AM I started pushing, the whole time yelling things like, "This hurts so bad!" and "I don't wanna do this anymore!" but at 10:19AM our beautiful little Lucy Jane was born. And once again, I felt that amazing sense of relief and love that comes when you hear your baby cry for the first time. She was perfect! I felt so truly blessed to have my husband by my side and my mom home with our other beautiful and healthy daughter.

 Proud Daddy

Chloe meeting Lucy for the first time.


Lindsay said...

Fun to know the story of her arrival!

Kristen said...

Loved your birth story. Babies do crazy things to our bodies! Lucy is beautiful, congratulations!