18 July 2014

Swim Lessons

Summer Swim Lessons
 For the past 2 weeks, Chloe has been taking swim lessons. A lady in our stake teaches lessons out of her backyard pool, and she's pretty amazing. We spent pretty much the whole month of June at our pool or a friends pool, just getting ready for swim lessons; getting used to the water, going under and kicking. So, when her real lessons started, we were ready.
 She was the only girl in her class, with 3 other little boys. I'm so proud of Chloe, she didn't shed a single tear during the entire 2 weeks of lessons. She just sat on the edge of the pool with her hands in her lap waiting for her turn, while the boys cried and screamed for their moms. 
 Chloe learned how to float on her back, jump into the pool, roll on her back and then kick and spank the length of the pool, move her arms in the "rocket ship, airplane, chicken" motion, go under the water, and swim around the pool with only a pool noodle for support. I couldn't be more proud of how well she did. It was great to see her gain more and more confidence each day. 
 Thanks Miss Amber for a great swim lesson. We'll see you again next year!
Lucy was a pretty good sport too. She either did this, or sat in my lap and helped cheer Chloe on.

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