06 July 2014

4th of July


 Our little firecrackers all ready for a day of fun.
 Peachtree City puts on a really fun 4th of July parade each year. It was complete with golf carts carrying town representatives, little league teams, church floats (and by floats I mean a dump trailer covered in balloons and streamers), and candy, LOTS of candy. We went with some really good friends and had a great time. Chloe loved yelling at the floats and picking up candy. 
 Lucy's first parade. She was such a happy girl.
 In the afternoon, we pulled out the plastic princess pool and slide, filled up some water balloons, threw in a few beach toys, and had some fun in the sun. 

 In the evening, our neighbors put on an amazing block party. We had lots of yummy bbq food and salads. We had fun getting to know our neighbors better, while the kids ran around playing ball and riding bikes. Our neighbors went all out with fireworks. They crossed the border into Alabama, and bought up all the bad boys. It was a pretty amazing firework show. Our girls only lasted through about a third of them, before Chloe was begging to go home and go to bed. As for Lucy, she was wide eyed the whole time. 

 We sure had a fun day!
God Bless America!

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